Shopwatch smart radio
Stop assistant reporting theft over shopwatch radio system.

"I've just had a man leave the store without paying, red top and blue jeans."

"We've got him on camera and police are on their way."

CCTV control room operator replying to townlink radio user over cellular radio.

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"Anti-social group of males just left my store, heading south down the highstreet."

"Just spotted them and we're in pursuit."

Shopwatch & Townlink.

Working in partnership with BIDs, crime partnerships and local authorities in the fight against town and city centre crime. Connecting communities through instant group communication and information sharing apps.

14:32 Oct 29, 2020

New Offender Added!

Secure information sharing reimagined.

Working closely with BIDs and CRPs across the country to create a modern solution that's more intuitive and easier to use, which ultimately increases community engagement.

Video Recording Started.

Secure your centre & beyond.

Our innovative ‘Smart Radio’ solutions combine the convenience and resilience of instant group communication with value-added features such as video recording, positioning and lone worker support. Enhanced by cellular our solutions can be deployed faster and go further. Securing your shopping centre, city or even entire county without the huge upfront investment!

"Can someone jump on tills, there's a queue forming"

"I'm nearby, now on my way."

All-in-one team communication.

Replace tannoys, phone systems and clunky hardware. Your team can receive incoming calls, resolve customer queries instantly and communicate securely—all from a single device.