Kingdom Shopping Centre

Jun 1st 22


Kingdom Shopping Centre

Kingdom Shopping Centre in Glenrothes, fife Gets a Two For One system - DMR digital radio and an rfid powered tour guarding solution in one. Replacing two aging systems with a singular unified solution, boosting productivity and cutting costs at the same time!

The Challenges

The centre had maintained two systems in parallel for many years. Firstly, an estate of analogue radios were being used across the centre by security & housekeeping teams. They were suffering from poor microphones and short battery life. The cost of repairs and new batteries was escalating as the radios approached the end of their shelf life.

The Solutions

In late 2016, the shopping centre contacted ShopSafe, a national Hytera dealer with offices in England and Scotland. ShopSafe recommended replacing both systems with a singular system and proposed the Hytera PD415 digital radios with Patrol. This means that instead of using electronic wands to record their whereabouts, team members could use the radios themselves thanks to Hytera’s RFID tagging technology.

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